Floral Order Gatherers: What You Need to Know

An order gatherer is a business that accepts orders for floral arrangements but doesn’t fulfill the orders themselves because they aren’t actually a real florist. Instead, they try to pass the order along to a real florist like Graser’s while they tack on additional fees or bogus “service” charges that they keep for themselves.

At Graser’s, we don’t want to see anyone suffer the frustration and disappointment of unwittingly doing business with an order gatherer. Most people don’t know what order gatherers are or how to spot them, so we want to offer you some tips and information that will help you rest easy knowing who you’re ordering flowers from and that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Wait a second — what’s so bad about buying from an order gatherer?

If you buy from an order gatherer, you will most likely pay more and get less than you would if you bought from a real florist. Order gatherers stay in business by charging you more to act as an unnecessary middleman for your order. Ordering directly from a real florist ensures that you will get your money’s worth because we would never take a cut of the money you budgeted for flowers to line our own pockets.

Ordering directly from a real florist also means that you’re communicating with the people who are actually going to create your arrangement, so if you have any questions or concerns you don’t have to waste time trying to go through a middleman who is only there to take your money. If you buy through an order gatherer, you may not know who actually fulfilled your order and you may not be able to contact them.

Rarely, an order gatherer may be able to provide their own flowers, but they won’t be delivered in the condition you would expect. These order gatherers get their flowers directly from warehouses, which means you might receive your flowers in a cardboard box, uncleaned and untrimmed, still in water tubes, and if you’re lucky there will be a vase on the side so the recipient can arrange the flowers themselves!

Below, you can see what our flowers typically look like before and after we clean and condition them. Flowers you buy from an order gatherer might arrive in a similar condition to the roses on the left, for a price you would expect to pay for the arrangement on the right.

If a “florist” is offering super-low prices that seem far too good to be true, they probably are. Any time you place an order through an order gatherer, you’re taking a big risk that you’re not going to get the quality flowers or customer service you would expect from a real florist.

How can I make sure that I’m ordering from a real florist and not an order gatherer?

Many order gatherers pay for intentionally deceptive ads on search engines like Google that make them seem they’re real, local florists in order to get more business. Fortunately, there are many ways to tell the difference between order gatherers and real florists so you can feel confident knowing who you’re doing business with. 

  • Look for florists with local addresses and phone numbers. If you’re using Google to search for a florist online, look at the Google Maps results first. This will show you the locations of all the real florists near you. If you see a company advertising itself as a local florist but you can’t find them on your local map, you might be looking at an order gatherer.

Screenshot 2018-01-25 00.10.11

  • Connect with florists on social media and check out their websites. It should be easy to find photos, news, and other information about the work they’ve done.
  • Look for reviews online. If a customer has had a bad experience with an order gatherer, they will probably want to warn other people about it.
  • Ask your friends, family, or coworkers about their go-to florists; you can never go wrong with a personal recommendation!
  • If you need to send flowers to someone who lives in an area you’re not familiar with, you can follow these tips to help you search or you can simply ask your local florist for help. We can find a reputable florist to fulfill your order no matter where it needs to go, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of searching on your own or worrying about accidentally buying from an order gatherer. 
  • Finally, if you’re really not sure whether a florist is legitimate or not, call them directly or visit their location and see for yourself!

Flowers are a beautiful and generous gift, and no matter what message you want your flowers to send, they always tell the recipient that you care about them. Unfortunately, some people have unintentionally sent the wrong message by falling victim to an order gatherer who couldn’t provide the quality flowers they wanted and thought they paid for. No one’s message of love or friendship should be spoiled by a disappointing arrangement sent by an order gatherer.

We at Graser’s are grateful for every one of our customers and want you to be completely satisfied every time you order from us, which is why we always strive to provide the highest quality flowers and arrangements. There’s no middleman to go through so you can work directly with us to create whatever you’re looking for, and we can provide real customer service if you have any questions or concerns about your flowers because we actually handled them ourselves.


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